Yunzhu Li

A software engineer at The New York Times.
Graduated in 2016 from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Professional Experience

The New York Times
2016, New York City

Enthsquare, Inc.
2016, New Jersey

2013, Co-founder, led the development of LOMO时光机; Guangzhou, China

2012, Guangzhou, China

My GitHub, LinkedIn profile. Feel free to connect!

I Play With

Programming, Algorithms, Web System Design, Mobile Application, Information Security, Computer Networking, ...


I love taking photos, especially landscapes. I also like making time-lapse videos.

I play piano for fun, I will post recordings soon.

Rubik's Cube
I can solve Rubik's cubes in 20-30 seconds.
I've participated in 2 contests in the past and this is my WCA Personal Record Page.

Flight Simulators
I have about 200 hours on record, my VATSIM ID: 1283623.