LOMO 时光机 - 2 Jan 2014 - Jan 2015

This is a commercial network printer, It allows users to print photos from their phones.
As the successor of LOMO 时光机 - 1, it has greatly improved in many aspects.

As the leading member of the engineering team, I led the engineer team throughout all phrases of the development of this product.
I was also responsible for the implementation of the major part of the system, including all server-side programs on LNMP stack, a web management console with statistics, internal tools and hardware selection.

It's based on the x86 platform, runs Windows which supports the official printer drivers. It also has a much better EPSON photo printer, better display, larger RAM and SSD to reduce the space occupation and improve reliability.

Check out the the demo video photos for more details.

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The device.

The device.

Render and print user's WeChat profile information.

The web management system.